Blue Bison now offers FATCA compliance with its unified KYC solution
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Key Challenge

KYC compliance can be a significant challenge as sales officers and back-office operations try to comply with increasingly complex regulations. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) complicates on-boarding even more as businesses must aggregate customer and account information across multiple complex relationships. Isolated systems and manual processes exacerbate the difficulty, leading to lengthy on-boarding times, account abandonment and non-compliance.

The Solution

BLUE BISON KYC streamlines on-boarding and enforces best practices to ensure compliance with global and regional requirements. Blue Bison now offers FATCA compliance with its unified KYC solution, enabling institutions to manage all aspects of FATCA with automated processes that respond dynamically to each situation.

Why us?

Some of the biggest most respected companies in the financial industry have been relying on us for a long time to make sure their KYC systems are “best of breed”.

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What we offer

We offer a range of software solutions for the financial services industry. Surprisingly low-cost; wholly customizable; highly adaptable to regulatory or internal requirements change.

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